Classes will resume in Philadelphia in the fall.  Perfect Pitte Manners Class for Pit Bulls is offered May-Sept, 2014 at the Cape May County Animal Shelter, 110 Shelter Road, Cape May Courthouse, NJ 08210.

Cape May County Animal Shelter: website | map/directions

"Perfect Pittie" Manners Class for Pit Bulls

Start Date: TBA
Price: $185.00

Pit Bulls are lovable, people-friendly and intelligent. But, they can also sometimes test our patience because they are athletic, fun-loving, curious, strong willed and tenacious. Learn how to use these wonderful pit bull traits to form a strong bond and happy productive relationship between you and your dog.

This 6 week charm school class focuses on helping you learn how to establish a strong partnership with your dog while effectively teaching your dog basic skills and manners your dog needs to be a good companion in a human€s world. We will also help you understand pit bull characteristics, ways to handle inappropriate behaviors your dog may have, how to introduce your dog to other dogs and animals, play style of pit bulls, and many other topics that will help you better understand and effectively communicate with your special dog.

Dogs must be 5 months or older to attend. Class is limited to 5 dogs. Preregistration required. To register for class contact

Reactive Dog Workshop (Level 1 Intro to working with your reactive dog)

Start Date: TBA
Price: $455.00

Does your dog bark, lunge, become overly stimulated, reactive, or aggressive in the presence of other animals, strangers, and environmental stimuli such as bikes, skateboards, motorcycles, flags, etc.? Are you afraid to take your dog for a walk around the block because you may meet another dog? Are you embarrassed to tell people that your dog is not friendly when ask to pet your dog? Do you feel like a failure at a pet parent because your dog sweet, loving dog acts like Cujo sometimes? Then Level 1: Introduction to working with your Reactive Dog is the class for you. The 6-week program is designed to give pet parents an understanding of the reasons why their dogs act the way they do and to help build handler confidence by teaching useful management strategies, in addition to basic tools to train, control and relax your dog.

Dogs must be able to go into a dog crate. We can supply the crate but your dog needs to already be comfy in one. Class is limited to 4 dogs. Preregistration required. To register for class contact

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2014 Group Class Schedule

Contact Carol for more information or to register for class.